As a Cub Leader I did my duty and went on parade for Remembrance Sunday. What do I have now – a cold, and to top it off my husband has disappeared off on a work trip. We may have short numbers for the Cub Pack on Tues as none of us had waterproofs on, and it took ten days for my cold to appear. This is probably good as the noise doubles when we are inside all night. I think that we should be issued with ear defenders as part of our uniform!

Never mind I can’t complain about them really. It was the District Swimming Gala on Saturday and we came back winning the Class A Group (with a lovely shield) and second in Class B, and third in the Diving. So guess what – we came first Overall, being presented with a frog arm band, as the trophy had not been returned yet.

We won overall because scoring is done on a points basis and Colwall came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all but one final.  This was brilliant as we don’t really have any outstanding swimmers, and one pack had someone who swam for a county team. I was ecstatic for the Cubs, but very hoarse due to shouting encouragement as I walked almost the full length of the pool for what seemed hundreds of times. It certainly made it worthwhile to see their faces as they realised they had won the Overall Trophy, especially as some thought they had not done too well. So the heading should really read ‘HURRAH!! WELL SWUM FIRST COLWALL CUB PACK’


Colours of Life

I was driving home this evening after doing volunteering work, a thing that had happened through the day made me feel low and ‘blue’. I suddenly came by the open space of a common and the trees were catching the sunlight as they are taking on their colours of Autumn. What a sight it made me reaslise that even if things are not going well, and if you look hard enough, there is always something to cheer you up and make you thankful to be on this earth.

New Life!

I have felt under pressure for quite a while.  I’ve had that big birthday the one no-one wants.  But, it doesn’t make a difference.  It is as if a weight has been taken off my shoulders and I can start a new life again.  Does age matter?  Life has a new meaning and I think I am going to have fun finding it!!

Fun on camp!

I am back home after a week of camp and trying to get my permit so that I can do it on my own.  Well talk about being action packed on top of the programme! On the first day my son ended up in casualty after coming off a mountain bike!!!  He had definately knocked himself out as his left eye was huge and he was bleeding everywhere (both arms, head, knuckles), and didn’t know where he was as he just repeated the same questions and statements!!!  so off we trundle to the hospital – where they asked me why I hadn’t dialed 999 – well I ask you – it was quicker to get him to an MIU as it was 5 mins down the road and there wasn’t a 3 hour waiting time!  As camp lead I couldn’t be long as I needed to be back on camp so after 1/2hr and knowing they were going to do a head scan I returned to the camp, I sent down someone he knew to be with him as he waited and was taken to x-ray.  Talk about split allegencies – I was responsible for all the others on the camp too so couldn’t remain off site for more than a short time! It was a further 3 hours before I could get the scan results, by phone (they wouldn’t give them to the other adult so she returned to camp).  There was an ambulance standing by in case he needed to be rushed to another hospital using blues and twos if  he had fluid within the skull !!  Luckily for him the swelling and closing of his eye  was where the fluid had gone, and so he was resleased four hours after going in.  He still wasn’t right – repeated things, asked the same questions etc.  It took another 24hours and 12 hours of sleep to bring him back to the real world.  He couldn’t remember what had happened or the trip to the hospital basically he had lost 24 hours!! No one knew what had actually happened so we took the bike out of circulation and kept it safe as we wanted the opinion of someone neutral. After some deliberation it was agreed that the back brakes locked and the front brakes didn’t work, so he didn’t stand a chance.  My son is back to his old self except he is still mourning the loss of the day, at least it wasn’t a youngster that this happened to I had to be thankful for that if nothing else.  Apart from this, and someone cutting themselves and having to go to the MIU to have it glued, it was quite a successful camp.  But we will have to wait and see if I got my permit.  So watch this space!  Who said camp was boring – they obviously haven’t camped with me!!!!!!!

Not Long Now!

Today is Friday again and I can’t believe that it is a week since we started the Flower Festival.  The arrangements have been put up, admired and then dismantles all within one week!  At least we took photos of them as a permanent memory. 

It is only three weeks until I do my Cub Camp and try to attain my Nights Away Permit.  It didn’t sound too bad when it was months away, but as it is now weeks away I think I have taken on something that is growing like ‘Topsy’. 

I hope that we haven’t had the last of the good weather as I don’t fancy camping in rain – but hey it all adds to the experience of a true camp.  At least I have my own large tent or mansion (as my son calls it) mind you he is quite happy to bag a sleeping place in it when I take it anywhere!  So why do I do camping when there are huts that you can use with hot running water and showers, and beds!!?  I ask myself that many times but can never seem to reach an answer.  Perhaps it’s because it stops young children sitting in front of computers all day in the holidays.  Some good fresh air and exercise is what they need to make them sleep.  Sometimes, though, they are still awake at midnight on the first night – we are shattered and can’t wait to get to ours!!  Hopefully they will enjoy camp and will get some fun and achievements out of the activities!

Oh well I had better finish as I still have mountains of studying to do.

Hello, I know it is late, but I have at last managed to set up a blog.

It is one of those things that you want to do, but never get around to it. I hope to be a regular blog(er?)(ist?) writing when things happen and I want to shout to the world about it – hopefully this will be more often than not.

My fingers get carried away so I apologise for any ‘finger trouble’ they seem to lead a life of their own when set free on a keyboard!

Not sure about a lot of things, but I’m sure I will learn soon.

Thank you for reading this written at such a late hour (for me).

Snowy Hibou

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